The Great Divide: Torn Between Saline and Silicone? (Part 1)

Every so often, women visit our Sacramento plastic surgery practice for the first time to learn more about breast augmentation — from new mothers who would like to improve the appearance of their sagging breasts following childbirth to ladies who have felt that their breasts are too small and have wished for a long time for a […]

Scar Revision – Revolutionary Way to Get Rid of Scars

Are you embarrassed, self-conscious and uncomfortable with a visible scar?  It is good to know that Scar Revision in Sacramento CA is part of the wide range of cosmetic plastic surgery services offered by Dr. Semlacher.  The ugly appearance of a scar can greatly affect our confidence and will generally bother us.  Facial scars that […]

Are You Still Unsure About Plastic Surgery? Read On!

If you’ve been thinking of having plastic surgery for a while now — may it be a tummy tuck or getting some breast implants, and you’re still uncertain whether or not you should go for it, there’s a huge chance you haven’t really sit down to carefully think your options. Here at our Sacramento plastic surgery practice, we […]