We previously gave you a bird’s eye view of saline and silicone implants in this post. Here at our Sacramento breast enhancement surgery practice, Dr. Semlacher’s experience, talent, precision, and finesse in performing breast augmentation has benefited a lot of women who are happy and truly satisfied with their naturally beautiful breast enhancement outcomes. We also want you to experience the same and we believe that such outcome is achieved through a well-informed decision. Below is a continuation of our discussion on saline and silicone breast implants.

Fast Facts on Saline Implants

Let’s take a look on saline implants first. By and large, they’re actually made of sterile salt water and can either be pre-filled before surgery or filled at the time of surgery to allow for modifications on size. The following are its pros and cons:


  • they can be placed using a smaller incision resulting to tiny and inconspicuous scars
  • since the fill level of the implant is adjustable, there is greater variability in size
  • implant deflation is easy to detect
  • saline implants cost less
  • if rupture occurs, salt water is readily absorbed into the body


  • rippling may occur
  • a lot of women report that they don’t feel as natural than silicone implants

Fast Facts on Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are recommended if you are over 22 years old. They are often recommended for women with little breast tissue, particularly those who choose to have breast reconstruction following removal of breasts due to cancer, like what Angeline Jolie did earlier this year. Its pros and cons include the following:


  • softer and more natural feel
  • they don’t ripple
  • slightly lower deflation rate than their saline counterparts 


  • the silicone gel may stay inside the implant shell if it ruptures and may be difficult to detect
  • a longer incision may occur resulting to noticeable scars
  • they could cost more than saline implants

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