So you’re done deciding between saline and silicone implants? Your next step is to figure out implant placement — should you have the implant placed over or under the muscle?

Here at our Sacramento breast augmentation practice, we often advise women who are still undecided about implant placement that there is no best answer to such question. It all depends on the woman involved, including her aesthetic goals, preferences, and lifestyle. In some women, either placement is actually an excellent option!

When to Choose the “Under the Muscle” Placement

We highly recommend the under-the-muscle placement, also known as submuscular placement, if you choose to have saline implants, have a strong family history of breast cancer, and you have a small amount of existing breast tissue. Rippling, a common effect of saline implants, will be less obvious using this type of placement.

Women athletes who visit our Sacramento plastic surgery clinic often prefer the under-the-muscle placement since it makes the implant less noticeable. One of the downsides of submuscular placement is that it involves longer recovery time.

When to Choose the “Over the Muscle” Placement

Dr. Semlacher recommends the over-the-muscle placement, also known as subglandular placement, if you choose to have silicone implants and have moderate amounts of existing breast tissue. This placement also works well for women who choose to have breast lift in conjunction with breast implants as it gives Dr. Semlacher more flexibility in molding the implant with the existing shape of your breast.  Recovery with this placement is shorter and a lot of women seem to agree that the procedure itself and recovery is less painful when using the over-the-muscle technique.

One of the drawbacks of the subglandular placement include the possibility of the implant being more visible over time and future interference with mammograms. Rippling and capsular contracture are also more likely to occur with subglandular placement than the submuscular technique.

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