How many ill-fitting clothes do you have in your closet because you need to cover up feminine-looking breasts? Men can put these clothes aside and fix the abnormal size of their chest with gynecomastia surgery. Patients can enjoy a number of benefits as a result of male breast reduction surgery.

#1. More Masculine Physique

Men with abnormally large breasts usually look like they do not have a consistent figure because of the fat deposit and glandular mass under their breasts’ areolar region. Gynecomastia surgery will remove excess tissue, giving you a more toned and masculine physique.

#2. Improved Ability to Do Physical Activities

Being physically active can be challenging for men with gynecomastia because of their discomfort from having excess tissue on their chest. Jumping and running around can get uncomfortable, especially when they do not have enough choices for sportswear to keep their extra-large chest from moving. Swimming is a big no because it requires chest exposure, which can lead to self-consciousness.

If you get gynecomastia surgery, you can move around more freely without the pain or discomfort from bouncing chest tissue. You will no longer be held back from doing calorie-burning physical activities.

#3. More Wardrobe Choices

“Man boobs” can cause negative thoughts and anxiety when choosing what to wear. Gynecomastia can limit a man’s wardrobe, since clothing choices revolve around effectively concealing their chest. Gynecomastia surgery will give you more freedom to wear anything you want because of your improved physique. You can wear fitted clothes without worrying about feeling self-conscious.

#4. Quick Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery usually takes around two hours to complete and requires local or general anesthesia and sedation. You may even be discharged on the same day after a short observation period.

#5. Quick Recovery

During recovery, you may need to take pain medication and wear compression garments for a few weeks to lessen the swelling. You can return to a sedentary job within three days of getting the surgery. However, you may need a week to perform a physical job safely.

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Enjoy a more masculine and toned physique and broaden your wardrobe choices without abnormally large male breasts getting in the way. Get gynecomastia surgery to embrace these benefits. Contact Dr. Roy Semlacher to schedule your appointment today!