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Breast Augmentation in Sacramento

What is breast augmentation?

Over the years, the women in Pacific Northwest have become more receptive to the idea of cosmetic surgery, particularly breast augmentation and the benefits that it presents. Breast enhancement with breast implants has undoubtedly become one of the most popular procedures in the area as women begin to realize its role in enhancing their physical appearance.

In Dr. Roy Semlacher’s Pacific Northwest clinic, breast augmentation is used routinely to increase the patient’s breast size with the use of saline or silicone implants placed strategically under the patient’s breast tissue or behind the chest muscles.

Ideal candidates

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are two typical categories of patient:

  • Young women in their 20s with smaller breasts due to genetics. These women have matured physically and are no longer experiencing natural breast growth.
  • Women in their mid-30s who have had kids and are in good shape, but their breasts look smaller because their hips are now wider. These women want to look like they did in their 20s but with larger breasts.

Both of these types of women are ideal candidates for this procedure. The best candidates are in good overall mental and physical health and do not smoke.

What benefits can breast augmentation give me?

Choosing to get a breast augmentation is a personal decision that every woman must make on her own. This decision becomes easier to make with a better understanding of its benefits:

  • Symmetrically shaped breasts
  • Improved overall appearance because of proportional breast size
  • Restoration of breast mass after breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • Reconstruction of breast tissue after cancer surgery, mastectomy, or other health conditions
  • An enhanced self image that boosts self-confidence

In many cases, women choose to pair this procedure with body procedures like abdominoplasty. This results in comprehensive improvement of body contours and is especially popular after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.



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Breast implant options

There are two main options for breast implant type: saline and silicone. Both have silicone shells, but one type is filled with sterile salt water (saline) and the other is filled with silicone gel.

Patients generally feel that silicone looks and feels more natural. Many patients who had saline implants from the early 2000s frequently come in wanting to switch to silicone for a more natural feel.

I had breast augmentation by Dr.Semlacher 9-10 years ago since then I have sent countless friends to him that have also had the surgery done. Why? because they all told me they would have never guessed I had surgery because they looked so natural. I’am now 44 … Read more.
Dr. Semlacher’s patient

Asian breast augmentation

Many Asian women come into our Tacoma office for breast augmentation surgery. Generally, the aesthetic sensibility involved is different. When it comes to performing breast augmentation on patients of Asian descent, Dr. Semlacher prefers to specifically use the periareolar (around the areola) incision technique.

When other surgeons perform Asian breast augmentation, there are often issues related to post-surgical scarring. This is because the melanocytes in the skin tissues of patients of Asian descent are more sensitive. When these melanocytes die, this negatively affects the appearance of incision lines.

To avoid this problem, when closing the incisions, Dr. Semlacher uses suturing techniques that ensure that the skin is not pulled together too tightly.

Breast augmentation cost

To better understand breast augmentation cost, it is important to look at the details of the procedure. The choice of breast implant type and incision location will affect the price, as will the overall length of the surgical session.

Arranging your consultation

During your consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Semlacher. He will tell you about the procedure’s benefits and potential complications, and he will walk you through the procedure in greater detail. He will then conduct a physical examination and take precise measurements. The two of you will discuss your implant options, and you will be able to try on a sports bra and simulate the size of your new breasts.

Dr. Roy Semlacher has years of experience performing breast augmentation and a number of other procedures. If you would like to schedule a consultation to find out more, contact our office today.

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