If you’ve been thinking of having plastic surgery for a while now — may it be a tummy tuck or getting some breast implants, and you’re still uncertain whether or not you should go for it, there’s a huge chance you haven’t really sit down to carefully think your options. Here at our Sacramento plastic surgery practice, we encourage our clients to at least spend some time (reflecting on a weekend, perhaps) mulling over the following factors before making the decision:

Assess Your Expectations

First of all, it’s never a good thing to have plastic surgery just because you just had divorce or you are currently depressed. The thing is, plastic surgery won’t restore failed relationships nor solve your emotional issues.

By and large, an ideal plastic surgery candidate should have realistic expectations of the procedure they want to have. Be specific with the reasons why you want to have plastic surgery; it could be that you want to improve the appearance of a cosmetic flaw and enhance your self-confidence in the process. 

Figure Out Possible Risks  and Complications

Like all types of surgery, a cosmetic procedure carries a certain set of risks and complications. We encourage you to talk to Dr. Semlacher about such risks. Do not be afraid to ask questions concerning the possibility of complications post-procedure. With knowledge of possible risks and complications,  you get to prepare for them pre-procedure.

Find Out How Much Time and Money You Should Shell Out

Time and expense are two things that you also need to carefully consider before plastic surgery. You may have to take a few days off from work to recover. In addition, the procedure of your choice may not be covered with insurance thus the need to pay out-of-pocket for your surgery.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

So what makes the “right” plastic surgeon? First of all, you need to make sure that the cosmetic surgeon of your choice has enough experience in the procedure of your choice. Second, check for educational background and make sure that he or she has the necessary education required to practice the profession. Third, you should feel comfortable and at ease with the surgeon during consultations.

Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Roy A. Semlacher

We invite to meet Dr. Roy Semlacher, a Sacramento-based plastic surgeon, for a private consultation. An initial consultation is the first step to helping you make an informed decision concerning your plastic surgery.

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