It is not easy to have big breasts, especially if you are a guy. Normally, women flaunt and enhance the appearance of their breasts, but in the case of men, you just have to hide them else suffer humiliation. Gynecomastia is not only a common condition that involves the enlargement of a man’s breast size, but it is also a condition that could bring shame and reduce a man’s confidence and self-esteem.

There are different ways to treat gynecomastia, which include hormone replacement therapy and breast reduction surgery. But while you are still waiting for the day of your appointment, man up and hide those breasts.

Wear a bra. No kidding.  

Bras are not only for women. Athletes use special bras too. These articles are especially designed to compress the breasts and limit their movement (Of course, the last thing you would need are bouncing breasts). If you are not comfortable with them, a simple tank top can do the trick. Wear them under your shirt to reduce the appearance of your large breasts.

Elastic bandages help 

Another material that can effectively squeeze and hide your breasts are elastic bandages. The good thing about these bandages is that they do not only compress, but they also raise the breast to achieve a more muscular appearance. Consult your doctor before getting one.

Simply wear large shirts 

This simple tip is pretty useful for those who have gynecomastia. Large shirts and sweaters work well in hiding huge breasts. Another gynecomastia hack is to wear a slightly smaller shirt under a large one not only to further hide the breasts, but also to prevent your breasts from becoming more obvious especially when you sweat.

Gynecomastia in Sacramento 

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