Are you embarrassed, self-conscious and uncomfortable with a visible scar?  It is good to know that Scar Revision in Sacramento CA is part of the wide range of cosmetic plastic surgery services offered by Dr. Semlacher.  The ugly appearance of a scar can greatly affect our confidence and will generally bother us.  Facial scars that are hard to cover up with cosmetic products can be an indication that the scar is serious enough and reconstructive surgery such as scar revision is the option.  Scar revision surgery is a new revolutionary way to improve or reduce the appearance of a scar with the general aim of completely removing the scar tissue.  Scar tissue develops on a number of reasons such as when skin heals after an injury or accident or a planned surgery.

Dr. Roy Semlacher is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon that understands the different types and nature of the wounds that produced the scar tissue.  Below are the common types of scar tissue damages:

  • Hypertrophic – scars may appear as red, thick and elevated.  This is similar to keloid but is confined to the actual wound.
  • Keloid – is an abnormal scar, thicker and of different color than the rest of the normal surrounding skin and can continuously grow.
  • Atrophic – scars from acne, chickenpox and some injuries.

Scar revision surgery will involve many factors in the degree of healing in a particular scar.  The scar’s type, shape, location as well as the patient’s genetic, age and skin condition are contributory factors in the success of a scar revision.  Dr. Semlacher is very proficient in handling any type of reconstructive surgery such as scar tissue removal.  These contributory factors will be weighed considerably during the consultation of the patient.

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