I am three weeks post-op and had a wonderful experience. I went to Dr. Semlacher in Carmichael/Sacramento. My friend had gone to Dr. Semlacher last year and also had a wonderful experience. Your site helped me to reassure that Dr. Semlacher was an accredited plastic surgeon and that he was recommended by your site. Thanks so much.

I started out as a 34b, saggy from childbearing and nursing and came out as a 34D, 5’4″ 125, 300cc, under, saline, peri, o/f 330L and 345R. I had not one bruise and minimal swelling. I was back to work on day three and have a hairline scar, at 3 weeks post-op you can’t see it unless you are looking for it. My friends could not believe how well I was doing the night after surgery. I was up walking around, talking, and even laughing. I had always heard of these horrible stories from women who had ba done, drains, bed ridden, etc. I had the best experience I think is possible.

Dr. Semlacher is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the latest medical
techniques and advancements. His staff too is extremely helpful. He is the type of doctor who is more concerned about giving you implants that fit your body, not make an easy buck. He will not go beyond a certain cc I think 400cc and if you want bigger, he will refer you out. The whole point is not to look fake right? When I went in for my first day post-op checkup I had flowers there waiting for me to take home from him and his staff. I thought that that was such a nice gesture.

The bottom line is that I would recommend him to anyone including my close friends and family and would like to see more women experience a positive and happy BA.