Dear Dr. Semlacher,

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate your services. As you may know my wife and I went to other surgeons before coming to your office for her surgery. As her husband it was very difficult for me to stand there and watch a stranger draw all over my wife with a felt pen like she was a piece of meat to be butchered. These doctors gave no consideration as to how embarrassing it may have been for my wife or how difficult it was for me to stand there while my wife was exposed to the world. Not only were you compassionate for my wife’s feelings but you also considered mine. Your bedside manner could not have been better. You made both of us as comfortable as possible and kept her exposure to a minimum. Your professionalism is appreciated and unsurpassed. My wife has fully recovered and is very pleased with her outcome. As for me, I am just happy that she is happy. I again thank you and wish you all the best.