We often see celebrities flaunting their bodies just a few weeks after they have given birth. Then, we start to ask, “Did any childbirth just happen there?” Of course, this isn’t a surprise with various kinds of plastic surgical procedures around. Many mothers often resort to a tummy tuck to bring back their pre-baby bodies in an instant. Although diet and exercise can do the trick, there are times when all those excess skin just loves to resist these measures.

Clarifying Motivations

It could be so easy for moms to want a tummy tuck after giving birth. Seeing stars with their flat tummies, like they never even had a pregnancy at all, can surely make any mother consider plastic surgery right away. However, it is important that before considering the option, motivations and goals should be clarified. For instance, if the woman has been having issues about her physical appearance even before she was pregnant, then a tummy tuck may not do any good at all. “Surgery is just a Band-Aid and won’t resolve her issues long-term,” says Joan Chrisler, Ph.D, a Psychology professor at Connecticut College.

Tummy Tuck and Emotional Health

Many mothers could easily become unhappy just by looking at themselves in the mirror after their pregnancy. With all that weight gained and excess skin hanging, women are easily discouraged and embarrassed of their physical appearance. This is where a tummy tuck, or any other plastic surgery, may prove to be helpful. Psychologists believe that when opted for the right reasons, plastic surgery can improve a mother’s emotional health. When a woman is simply unhappy of her appearance, plastic surgery can increase her self-esteem and give her a positive outlook about her image.

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck in Sacramento

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